How to Read Your MUD 367 Water Bill – Updated Bill


  1. Your service address
  2. Your account number
  3. Dates of service for this bill
  4. Date bill is mailed; about 2 weeks after meter read
  5. Your residence’s smart water meter number
  6. Date your meter was read
  7. W- water, GLS – gallons
  8. Current reading as of date – #6
  9. Prior reading at end of last billing cycle
  10. Number of gallons used in 1,000’s
  11. W- Water
  12. 12 month water usage history
  13. Previous month’s payment info
  14. Cost of sewer service
  15. North Harris County Regional Authority, pass through mandate by State of Texas billed at $5.05 per 1,000 gallons ($5.05 x #10). See for additional info.
  16. Cost of water used, includes trash & recycling
  17. Total due now
  18. Late payment fee if received after due date
  19. Total due if received after due date
  20. MUD 367’s Operator, Municipal Operations, address
  21. Important messages from your MUD 367 district
  22. Mail payment to this address or sign up for auto pay here.