Frequently Asked Questions

My water bill seems high, do I have a leak?

I haven’t received my tax bill, where can I get another copy?

How do I set up an auto-draft of my water bill?

What does the NHCRWA charge mean on my bill?

The NHCRWA fee on your water bill is imposed by the North Harris County Regional Water Authority to fund surface water conversion, which was mandated by the State of Texas. HCMUD367 does not control this fee and the fee is a direct pass through. Currently, the fee is $4.70 per 1,000 gallons used, with annual increases expected. For more information on NHCRWA, please visit:

How can I reduce the amount of water my family uses a month?

There are so many easy steps to reduce the amount of water a family uses each month. For example: Take shorter showers! Repair leaky toilets! Only water your yard when necessary! Replace old washers with energy and water efficient models! The list goes on and on… the price of water will only increase so establishing better water habits will not only help the environment but also help with your monthly bill. For more tips and valuable insight, please visit: