Breaking HCMUD 367 Recycling Myths

The recycling information contained herein pertains only to the residents of Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 367. Every recycling plant has its own guidelines. Residents of other MUDs are encouraged to contact their waste services providers for recycling guidelines for their neighborhood.

MYTH: HCMUD 367 recycling is not actually recycled; it’s thrown into a landfill.
FACT: HCMUD 367 recycles residents’ recyclable waste at Independent Texas Recyclers (ITR). The recycling facility is located on 20 acres of land at 6810 Irvington Boulevard in Houston.

MYTH: Garden hoses are recyclable.
FACT: Garden hoses tie up the recycling machines and therefore are NOT recyclable by ITR.

MYTH: Grocery store plastic bags, produce plastic bags and trash liner bags are recyclable.
FACT: These plastic bags are NOT recyclable by ITR as they clog the machines during the process. However; local retailers, such as the Walmart at FM 249 & Spring Cypress Road, collect thin plastic bags such as this for recycling.

MYTH: Pizza boxes need to be cleaned out before recycling.
FACT: Pizza boxes can be recycled without being cleaned; however, removing food may help avoid attracting pests to recycling cans.

MYTH: Dishwashing and laundry detergent containers need to be thoroughly cleaned before recycling.
FACT: This is not necessary for recycling; the process will naturally clean out the container. HCMUD 367 encourages residents to avoid excessive rinsing in order to conserve water.

Visit our recycling page for more information on collection.