Update Regarding City of Houston Main Line Break

Harris County Municipal Utility District 367 (HCMUD 367) residents may have learned that there is a main line break that is affecting the east side of City of Houston. A boil water notice has been suggested for residents of the City of Houston only at this time.

This news post is to let HCMUD 367 residents know the District’s water system disinfects any surface water received from the City of Houston. Additionally, the District’s water flow does not come from the East Facility where the 96” Main Line break occurred yesterday. The District’s water system is working as designed and without issue.

As a preventative measure, the District operator, Municipal Operations and Consulting, Inc., has made adjustments to the water supply from surface water to all ground water to further protect residents from any concerns.

Again, the District may not be affected in any way by the situation in City of Houston. If a boil water notice is required by the District or the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, this post will be updated with that information.

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